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Many years ago, I was a warehouse supervisor. Myself, and the crew of fork-truck drivers spent every lunch and break on the second shift in deeply competitive games of Spades. Some of my fondest memories go back to those days of fast and furious play. We could easily knock out a game of Spades in 15 minutes. (Though once in a while, I must admit, a hand or two was played on company time.) I am convinced today that this game playing not only bonded the people in that warehouse, but also kept them sharp for the order picking and truck-loading activities in which they were engaged. When I left the company to move to the Seattle area, I was given a clock, and a deck of cards with the names of all the people who used to gather round the table. On the ace of Spades they etched my name. I was among the better players, but I was by no means the best. This site is dedicated to those hard workers and avid Spades players.

Having long been interested in card and strategy games, I have made a meticulous study of rules and strategies. I have created websites on classics like the rules of Chess, how to win at Monopoly, and Risk. I believe that reading and understanding rules and the strategies that can be effective within those rules can help develop mental ability and dexterity, and can lead to rewarding activities and behaviors. Believe it or not, game theory has actually been used to plan out military strategy in the United States and elsewhere.

I love good strategy games, and played many games in the Avalon Hill line in my younger days. But today I tend to most enjoy fast-paced games that allow a player to display his (or her) skill, but at the same time do not consume hours. This led me to create websites on some of my current favorites such as Bananagrams, and the old stand-by Hearts.

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