Spades Bidding Quiz

Below we reveal a series of hands. Your assignment is to review each hand and determine what you think the appropriate bid would be. When you have thoroughly analyzed a hand click on it to see our analysis. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. Often bidding is dependent on the score. Nevertheless, by going through this quiz, you can come to understand first-hand some of the mechanics of bidding well. Our procedure is to review each suit in a hand, tallying the tricks mentally as we go. At the end, a review of the overall hand and situation is conducted, then a bid is pronounced.

If you come up with a different answer than we did, don't worry. Spades is a game of individual initiative, coupled with team play. Your answer may be better than ours. Click on a hand when you are ready to see our review of it. You will also see a hand to review on most of the pages of this site. The four hands below came from an actual game.

Hand 01Hand 02
Hand 03Hand 04

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