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Spades Hand Number 01

In diamonds, this hand should be able to take one trick. The king is backed up by two mid-level cards, making it very likely to be good after the ace of diamonds takes a trick.

There is only one club. With a singleton in a suit a player can often count on two tricks as the opponents lead the king and queen (after the ace has been played). If the king and queen are in the hand of the partner then the player can slough a diamond and perhaps pick up a trick there.

Hearts are long and weak, look for no help there.

There is some risk in this hand as, even though there are four spades, they are weak spades. Generally a player can count on a spade trick for every spade held beyond the third one. However, the player is already counting on two trumps because of the singleton club. There is a likelihood that the opponents could lead spades after they are broken, and if they are long at all, negate the advantage of this player's singleton.

This hand has some potential as a nil hand, and nil could be bid in a desperate situation. However, both diamonds and clubs could be a problem in this hand especially if the partner does not have the A, K, or Q of clubs. It is extremely risky to go nil on four spades. The opposition is likely to be counting on at least a few tricks from trumping off-suits, so even the three of spades could end up taking a trick.

Bid: 3, or nil if desperate.

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