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Spades Hand Number 02

With only one heart in this hand, the player has a good shot at trumping two tricks.

However, the player is also long in clubs. Will the king prove to be good? Don't know yet, it depends on the distribution of the clubs among the other players. With five out of the 13 clubs, this leaves 8 cards for the other three players. Chances are that each player will have at least two, one for the ace and one for the king. If this player were holding the queen of clubs, counting a club trick would be a stretch.

This player cannot count on a trick from diamonds.

Strictly speaking, the jack of spades could take an honest trick with the three lower spades backing it up. However, two of those spades will likely be used to trump hearts; so taking a spade trick is unlikely.

This is not a good hand to go nil with. The jack of spades with three spades behind it (10,8,6) almost guarantees that any proficient team of opponents will set it. However, in the very last extremity, with sufficient strength in the partner hand, this hand could make nil.

Bid: 3, or nil if desperate.

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