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Spades Hand Number 03

The diamond ace will almost certainly take a trick. The J, 10, and 5 probably will not have much effect unless there is a finesse, and even then the possibility is questionable.

Clubs will not provide a trick straight up. Nevertheless, having only two clubs leads to the possibility that a trump trick might be gained.

The heart ace looks very promising. However, the queen is a looming question mark. The fact that there are two suits with four cards each is a little hint that other player hands are probably also unbalanced, perhaps even more so. This means the heart queen could get trumped if led after the fall of the ace and king. Nevertheless, an aggressive player should probably count the queen as a likely trick.

The queen of spades with two behind it can almost always be counted on for a trick. However, this means that the two backing it cannot be called away for trump duty in the case of a third club lead. Count the queen.

This would be a tough sell as a nil hand, especially considering the strong hearts. The four could be forced to fall quickly and aggressive opponents would have an easy time getting the J, Q, or A to take a trick. The queen of spades could also be a problem depending on how the A, and K are played. Baring special circumstances this player probably does not want to go nil.

Bid: 3, nil is a very bad idea.

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