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Spades Hand Number 02

A quick glance at this hand will tell the player that it is better than average in spite of being short of trump. Don't smile too broadly when bidding.

The queen of diamonds may take a trick. Sometimes it is wise to think of queens backed by two middling cards as kind-of half tricks, especially when you are long another suit and short on spades (indicating other players might have a short number of cards in this suit.

An ace is always a very probable trick, so the ace of clubs should be counted. This suit is long, which is not bad when backed up by sufficient spades in the hand. However, the long suit makes it probable that the queen will not take a trick.

The king of hearts looks like a trick. There are the right number of cards backing it up. However, the spades distribution should worry this player slightly with regard to this trick.

The good and bad of this hand lies in the spades. Two guaranteed tricks with the ace and the king, but that is all. No extra spades left for trumping - should that unlikely opportunity arise. (Unlikely, because there are no less than three cards in any of the other suits.) A good strategy for this hand during play might be to lead out the spades at the earliest opportunity after spades have been broken. Getting the other players to use up their trump as early as possible might help guarantee the heart king takes a trick.

Of course, the player holding the ace of spades should never go nil. The ace (and the king in this case) will always take a trick.

Bid: 4, nil is impossible.

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