A Likely Nil Hand

Hand 05 - Answer

Spades Hand Number 06

This player should not count on a diamond trick. But may succeed in trumping a third diamond lead.

The four clubs are only the beginning of the unbalance of this hand. None of the clubs is likely to take a trick. The hearts are severely unbalanced pointing to poor distribution throughout the four hands playing in this round. The queen of hearts could not be counted on and, in this case only the ace can give the player any confidence.

With only two quite pitiful spades, chances are, even these will not be able to trump.

Yet the ability to bid nil makes this a very good hand. With any help at all from a partner this hand has excellent prospects. The hearts are hardly a sticking point as there are several low cards that can be played before the queen or the ace would be forced. Any dangerous cards might be sloughed on a third spade or diamond lead.

Bid: nil, but could probably make a bid of 1.

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