High Diamonds

Hand 06 - Answer

Spades Hand Number 06

The diamonds in this hand look very good. The player should bid 3 tricks on the diamonds, even though the distribution of the other suits is slightly askew. The short number of clubs in this hand could allow a trump on a third club lead, which would have to be attempted should the third diamond lead not succeed in taking a trick.

If a trump of the third club lead is possible it should be taken by trump if it is played before the diamonds are played out. One overtrick will not likely put the team in too much danger of a bag penalty. Ideally the player will want to play the diamonds first, if possible.

The hearts, including the jack, are not likely to take a trick unless there is some finessing of the Q or K and the spades are run out early.

As noted above, the spades are only good for a possible trump of clubs.

Bid: 3, the diamonds make nil a virtual impossibility.

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