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Hand 07 - Answer

Spades Hand Number 07

The heart king with one card behind it should be able to take a trick. This suit is also short one in distribution, making a trump of a third heart lead a possibility.

This hand holds the A, K, Q of clubs making for a great one-two-three trick combo. When the player holding this hand takes the lead, perhaps the first order of business should be to play these cards out. It is good to know how many tricks will be taken with this suit to see if trumping the short heart suit is a necessity.

Long in low diamonds, with a jack. These cards will not be of much use. Highly unlikely that the jack will be made good by a finesse.

Very good spades, the king is a near certainty to take a trick, the jack has good possibilities. A player should seldom count jacks for tricks unless the jack is a spade with adequate cards behind it (three in this case). Nevertheless, keep in mind in this hand one of the spades may be needed to trump a heart.

Overall this is too good a hand to consider nil. The clubs would almost guarantee failure, even if the spade king could fall to a partner ace, the jack to a partner queen, the nine to the ten, and the seven to the eight. In essence, the planets and a couple of stars would have to align for this hand to make nil.

Bid: 5 or stretch to 6. Don't even think about nil.

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