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Hand 08 - Answer

Spades Hand Number 08

This is the kind of hand that makes spades interesting, exciting, and intense. Being void in hearts, with lots of spades, means that even an opponent's ace can be prevented from taking a trick. With strong spades and clubs, this hand has the potential for lots of points and to set the opposing team at the same time.

If the spades are run out, the clubs could garner six tricks! Imagine the distribution in clubs. There can only be seven more clubs, it is highly likely that the queen lies in the partner hand or is backed by no more than one card in the opponent hands. Taking for granted the spades have been expended, straight ace, king leads should take out the Q. After that it is merely a matter of playing out all the clubs.

Both diamonds are losers.

With the A, Q, 10 plus two low spades, the king in the opposing hands is likely the only spade trick this hand will lose. Which means the spades could easily account for four tricks.

Overall, this hand has the potential to take ten tricks. But should ten tricks be bid? If the partner bids high this would not be wise. You do not want to take away all possibility of setting one of the opponents should they both go nil.

A nil bid by the partner would be a signal that he does not hold the king or even very many spades, with no power in diamonds or hearts. It is possible, though remotely, that one of the opponent hands contains seven or even eight spades, which would make mincemeat of a ten trick bid. If this player were close to 500 with just a few bags he could bid a low 4 counting only on his spades, or with his club ace as a backup. In spite of all of this, spades is a game of risks and chances. Most avid spades player would attempt to take every trick this hand is worth.

Bid: 5 or 10, depending on the situation. Don't consider nil.

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