How to Bid a Void Hand

Hand 10 - Answer

Spades Hand Number 10

The distribution in this hand is extremely lopsided. Being completely void in diamonds means that the player could possibly garner three trumped tricks as that suit is led.

The ace of clubs will likely take a trick, as will the ace, king of hearts. Here are three more tricks.

Consider the 3, 4, and 5 of spades as played to trump the club tricks, leaving this player the king and queen of spades to take tricks, with the six falling to the ace.

If this hand is played properly it could garner eight tricks. Of course, if one of the opponents have a hand long in spades and clubs, this hand could be caught up short. Even so, it is nearly always best to go with the odds that other hands will be relatively evenly distributed with the cards outside of the player hand. To play this hand, take the lead as soon as possible, hopefully by trumping diamonds. Lead back spades to force the ace. Regain the lead, play the king and queen of spades, making the remaining spades good. Lead back high cards in other suits. Either play out the remaining trump or trump diamonds as necessary.

Bid: 8. Nil is impossible in a hand with both the king and queen of spades.

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